Sunday, December 13, 2009

EasyStreet Prompts - Random Words

skate . impounded . indestructible neanderthal .

bivouac , serviceable tidbit . agitated .

contemporary cockfight . ghost . lumbago .

delegation . dissuaded . 
tragically hip

“So, what do you want to do?  Do you want to go skate?”
“Nah.  Mine were impounded after that fight with Dean.” 
“Man, he’s an indestructible neanderthal.  What started that, by the way?”
“Aw, hell.  We were on bivouac--”
“The scouts?”
“Yeah.  It was my last one before the Eagle ceremony, right?”
“He dumps his breakfast all over my sleeping bag.”
“On purpose?”
“I don’t know.”
“He has an inner ear infection, Mom said.”
“Thanks for that serviceable tidbit.  Late, but thanks.  Anyway, so I calmly walk up to him and ask him why the fuck he did that and he gets a bit agitated.”
“Okay, and then what?”
“Well, we mix it up, a mild contemporary cockfight thing, you know, with the punching and biting.”
“Then Dean stops in mid-punch.  He’s frozen like he’s seen a ghost with lumbago.  So I stop and look around.  Here comes Franklin with a delegation of the other scout masters.”
“Uh oh.  I can see what’s coming.”
“No you can’t.  Dean straightens up and starts talking a mile a minute.  He points out the sleeping bag and the weather and this and that and before you know it, he’s dissuaded the scoutmasters from disciplining either of us!”
“Dean?  Dean did that?”
“Yep.  Then Franklin--”
“Who is so tragically hip that it makes me want to hurl.”
“Yeah.  Franklin turns maroon, spins around, and stalks off.  Turns out he told my mom and she’s taken most of my sport stuff away for the month.”
“Bummer, man.”