Monday, December 14, 2009

Can You Teach an Old Dog New Tricks?

By Neil Gaiman and the Twitterverse
Narrated by Katherine Kellgren

Check out the link above.  It's a jaw dropper in the writer's world.  Neil Gaiman (love his work!) is using the new social technology to write stories.  Twitter, in this case.

This leads me to my personal dilemma.  All this new social media is whirling around me so fast I feel queasy.  I am not a user of Twitter, FaceBook, MySpace, LinkedIn, or any other application.  I don't have time for it.  Neil is a full-time writer, so I guess he has time.  (How this is possible, given the schedule he keeps, I haven't a clue.  It could be the old "man vs woman" and their "responsibilities" crap that persists even into the 21st Century.  I won't go further.)

My point, and I think I may have one lying around here somewhere, is that with the print media melting into the past, e-book readers and other digital media on the rise, where does this leave me?  I still love the feel of paper in my hands.  I can't read long articles on the monitor and have to print them out.  I love the smell of a new book.  (Yes, I smell books.)  I also keep my journal by hand and do a fair amount of my creative writing by hand.  The whole ambiance of a fountain pen and delicious paper is my idea of heaven.  Am I, if I want to see my words in print, going to have to chuck all that for FaceBook?

I think this dog may be too old.