Wednesday, December 30, 2009

bloodshot intercession

Special nod once more to EasyStreet Prompts for tonight's post.

Blue moons come around more often than you think.
Life can be funny that way.
Other times it is just plain hurtful but your
Ordinary days bring a sense of comfort.
Did you decide which socks match your
Sandals or does it even matter anymore?
Health issues consume the day when you grow
Older and closer to death.
Thanks for nothing, I say. Then,

Inspiration sneaks in on those pessimistic thoughts
Nudging out the curmudgeon, the crone.
The sunrise is too beautiful to comprehend and its
Energy rays push through the clouds of your negativity,
Reaching down into the real, true, honest
Center of YOU.
Enigmas now seem entertaining,
Smiles fling off the frown, and so
Simple things that frustrated yesterday or were
Ignored for something trivial now
Open their petals once more and welcome a
Newness of spirit inside.