Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Who is Who is Me?

Cynthia over at Creative Writing Corner had an interesting question: Are There Many Versions of You? This struck a chord with me. I’ve often felt that I don’t know who my true self is because I AM so different with others.  Cynthia’s main point was this: who is the real self? Given the lives we lead, communicating with hundreds, even thousands more people than our parents ever did or their parents before them, we must diversify ourselves to survive and thrive. At what cost?

I was required to take a Strength Finders test for one job and it was, as all of these type tests are, easily manipulated into giving the results that you think the boss is looking for. Therefore, it is not you. So, the work-a-day world commences and you demonstrate repeatedly that you are not what that test showed you to be. Friction and conflict ensue. Chalk one up for the bad side.

People with heart-rending problems call in to my upstairs job looking for help or a point in a better direction and I become another person for them, a “Mother” figure to vent to, cry with, and then receive some advice, guidance or just wishes for future success. This is one for the good side, in my opinion.

Friends see someone who blends with them, family sees all the sides above and more, but at the end of the day when I sit down with my thoughts, I do wonder just who I really am? I get so fragmented and folded and bent “out there” that the “in here” is wrinkled and dented as well.

Is it the knowing that this is so why I tend to write as others may paint, sew, compose, or sculpt? Is it the creative side of us that irons us out into the true self?

Cynthia, I don’t have answers, but I share your question!