Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Quo Vadis Notebook: Habana - The Review

I received a Quo Vadis Habana Notebook in the mail after I politely requested one on the Quo Vadis blog.  (Okay, I begged.  Happy?)  I didn't find it right away.  My family has this cute little quirk of dumping the mail wherever they feel so inclined and maybe, just maybe you'll get lucky and find that bill before it comes due.  Okay.  Fine.

Then, I set it aside thinking that after NaNoWriMo I'd open it and see what was what.  It stared at me.  I actually dreamt of it last night.  Surrounded by many, many bottles of ink, there it sat waiting for me.  I know an omen when I dream one.

First of all, THANK YOU to Karen of Exaclair, Inc. for sending the notebook.  Please note that I have no affiliation with Exaclair - except in these recurring fantasies where I get locked in their warehouse for a long weekend with a fully loaded fountain pen and a box cutter.  (Hmmm... Might be time to see my shrink again.)

Okay, so.  The facts are these, my friends:
  • Lined - not too wide and not too narrow.
  • Round corners - love it!
  • Ribbon marker - classy.
  • Pocket insert - might come in handy, who knows?
  • 80 sheets - okay, I'm a pig and want more.
  • 6" x 9" - fits into my purse with total ease.
  • Elastic closure - way cool and not bulky at the connection points.
  • Clairfontaine paper - 90 gr. - more to come on this one.
The cover is a selling point for me.  It feels leathery, yes, but best of all it feels somewhat cushy.  It feels rich.  It feels soft.  It feels great.  The only thing that I hesitated on was that it doesn't lie flat when opened.  It's new, of course, so I can forgive a bit of that.  It won't stop me from using the notebook.

The inside:  I wrote with three of my fountain pens using three different inks.  None of my pens are expensive because I just don't have that kind of lifestyle.  But I have to say, the paper is superb!  

My first pen was my fine nibbed Hero that looks like a Parker 51.  Using Pelikan Brilliant Black I wrote a few lines.  Scratchy.  My nib, not the paper.  No bleed through.  No feathering.  On to the next pen.

Second pen was my Preppy fine nib (yes, I go for the fines.  I write too weirdly for anything else.) using a green ink cartidge.  Smooth.  I could still hear my pen on the page, but it was romantic, not harsh at all.  Again, no bleed through or feathering.

Third, and last pen, was my Pilot Petit 1, fine nib, and a blue-black cartridge.  Total bliss.  Smooth, sleek and fast.  This was perfect.  Even with my carpal tunnel, I could write a long time on this surface.  And of course, no bleed through or feathering.  I can easily use both sides of the page.

No wonder Clairfontaine has the reputation of being the finest paper out there.  It is true.

Thank you, Karen at Exaclair, Inc.!  I truly enjoy this product.  Now, about the secret location of your warehouse...