Monday, November 23, 2009

I Admit It - I Started the Whole Thing

I have always felt inferior for not having a college education. (This feeling was/is assisted by some a-hole bosses that I won't name.)  Entry level jobs are all that I could ever get because of it.  When I was graduating high school - with honors - I was told that I could not attend college.  My family was barely scraping by.  Of course no one in my tiny town even mentioned to any of us (that I know of) that scholorships and grants were still plentiful and I could have had major assistance.  Instead I get a grant to go to a vocational school for dental assisting.  Yawn.

So the other day, I'm surfing the net and I see an ad: Working Moms Return to School - Obama funds Pell grants - or something along those lines.  Pell grants I've heard of.  Here's the start of my mistake:  I click on the ad and take the short survey to see if I qualify.  Apparently, (clue #1) I must because I'm directed to a list of online universities.  I recognize most of them.

I click on Colorado Technical University.  They have an AA in general studies, which is what I'd need to go further with anything.  They stop at the information gathering page (clue #2) "to send you more information."  I, fool that I am, fill it out INCLUDING (I'm a bigger idiot than I thought) my cell phone number.

Wisely (chortle if you must) I use my email address that I reserve for shopping and when I'm not entirely sure about someone.  It has a blocking feature.  Their email with the link to their site comes almost immediately to my inbox. 

I could have choked from the rates they quote for their classes.  ONLINE!  There's virtually no overhead for online classes, so WTF?  I click out of it and decide to hang up that idea.  I could get an AA from our local community college system for half the price and have face to face classes to boot.

Now comes the part I regret.  Colorado Technical University uses a call center located in the Bahamas.  By doing this, they do not have to follow the FCC regulations.  No matter how many times I tell them not to call my cell phone, they can ignore it and call again.  And again.  There is no recourse on my end.  I've been called all blasted weekend!  It started last week at work, but I keep my cell phone on silent and saw the missed calls message several times.

So, as a lesson out there, folks:  If they insist on a phone number, give them a fictious one or better yet, give them your fax number.  I've emailed Colorado Technical University about this, but I fear their Contact Us link goes to India or some other place that will ignore the request.  Live and learn.

UPDATE:  12/06/09  The cell phone calls have stopped.  Yay!  The emails have bloomed and gone to seed and the spam is growing now.  Lesson #2 - DO NOT click on any online ads.  That's why I took Google Ads off this blog.  They were advertising some very undesirable items here.