Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I love autumn.

The sharp edge of desert summer heat has finally softened for the fall. We’ve been experiencing below average temperatures and clouds decorate our skies once more. As I walked to work this morning I was blessed with enough rain that I used my umbrella for the first time in months. (I almost detected a bit of dust poof out as I opened it.)

This is the time of year that I consider to be my personal New Year with new goals and projects beginning. Breathing comes easier now. Reflection and introspection fill my spirit and lead me to the page. Fiction is pushed momentarily to the side and journaling takes priority. The usual resistance is gone and I spiral down to find my truth.

The desert hasn’t always been my home. I grew up in rural Minnesota. Autumn was more subtle there but beginnings were just as bold as now. The start of school and with it the start of new notebooks and other supplies blended with the change in weather created an indelible imprint upon me that will never leave.

So, dear readers, we head off to a New Year, a new beginning, and the next year with great interest. What will our future hold? Where will we find that next piece of our personal puzzle?