Sunday, October 4, 2009

Another weekend passes by

Crap.  It's Sunday night.  Work tomorrow.   It starts with a "Staff Meeting" that is basically - well, never mind.  It's just more whining that neither of us really needs right now.

I managed to get the back yard hay field mowed.  Now the cat is pissed off.  She loved playing jungle kitty and hiding low in the grass until the little dog passed by whereupon she'd pounce and scare the dog into a freak-out.  Now it is literally a level playing field.  The dog, of course, loves it.  In addition to the attacks from the cat, she has allergies to the grass and would come in with a red blotchy tummy.

The washing machine is on its third load.  It is so different from the old Estate.  That had two dials.  This has five.  Yes, five.  Believe it or not, it was the simplest Whirlpool model that Sears had.  I did not want a computer panel.  One tiny thing breaks and you have to replace the whole freaking computer.  Pass!

The hubby and I have decided to turn the spare bedroom/den into a home office.  This will be a slow project.  Since we don't have a decent enough house to invite anyone to spend the night, this seems like a good idea.  My writing desk is in our bedroom and it is not working out.  Everyone ends up in here on the king-sized bed and I get no writing done.  Step one is getting that old bed out of the house and into the alley.  We want to clear the room completely and tear up the carpet.  It's worn out and we don't need the extra allergens of dust mites either.  Fortunately, our 1954 ranch style home was built with polished and dyed cement floors.  Dark brown.  Yuck.  Can anyone say:  Area Rugs?

As you can see from the upper right corner, I updated my author profile on NaNoWriMO today and am officially in the running for that 50K finish line.  If I cross, I will splurge and get the T-shirt.

Well, the dog is snoring, so I guess it is time to wrap it up for tonight.  Sleep well, my friends.