Sunday, September 27, 2009

Write about a fragrance

Moods influence what I chose to surround myself with. One of my ex-bosses remarked that he could tell my attitude by the music I was listening to. He was so right on that.  I listen to classical when I'm nervous and unsure of myself, new age meditation instrumentals when I'm stressed out, heavy metal when I'm royally pissed off. (There's been a lot of metal playing lately, too.)

But fragrance is different. If you can get beyond the person who bathes in strong and obnoxious colognes that beat you over the head when they merely pass you by, smell is the most powerful sense we have to cue memories. Just today my friend mentioned that she could still smell the penicillin her father used on the farm during a particularly difficult year with their cattle. Pine-Sol reminds me of our basement when Mom got into one of her cleaning jags.

I like cinnamon and spice on winter evenings to feel cozy and calm. Lavender during the day makes me feel sophisticated and confident. Melon and cucumber on summer mornings make me feel bright and open.

Creosote bushes in the desert after a rain brings on the best emotions for me. The clean, slightly spiced scent lends the feeling of wide open skies, the immensity of the world and all its wonderful possibilities. I feel energized and centered. I feel the earth is alive. I feel like my spirit flies free.

I wish they could put that in a bottle. I'd buy a case.