Friday, September 18, 2009

What is something you do well?

Today's prompt is perfect for me. There are very few things I feel I'm "good" at doing. The first thing that comes to mind is, of course, what this blog is all about: daydreaming.

I walk to and from work. This walk takes me passed a few residential buildings but the lion's share is commercial property. All this is on a busy (read BUSY) road in a metropolitan environment. Traffic, both vehicular and pedestrian, is a major issue but the seemingly endless concrete and asphalt that is punctuated by postage stamp blocks of grass, decorative rock, and anemic trees and shrubbery is not my idea of inspirational views. My radio/cassette player (remember them?) recently bit the dust, so to make my walk home more entertaining, I daydream.

I won't reveal what those daydreams consist of; they are private and some of them, if revealed, would land me in a whole world of trouble and I don't need any more of that than what I have now.  However, I've always found it interesting that most people think daydreaming is something to be embarrassed about. To be ashamed of. Which is totally not so.

I had my revelation on daydreaming many years ago, when I was still in grade school. I read James Thurber's short story called "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty." (It was also made into a movie starring Danny Kaye, but I've never seen it.) The main character is a daydreamer. James Thurber put my dirty little secret into a short story thereby informing me that other people did it, too. What a relief!

Not long after I read "Walter Mitty" I read a book - whose title escapes me at the moment - but the story was about a young girl who watched her neighbors, even spying on them, and then wrote everything down in her notebook. While this did not affect me for many years, eventually I connected the two stories and I picked up my pen and wrote down some of my daydreams. They were extremely silly once the ink had dried, but it freed something inside of me that had unknowingly been locked away.

So, now I daydream freely and I write. I feel a freedom of sorts when I do both. The writing could easily be denied me but no one can take away my daydreams. No one. That is so cool.