Wednesday, September 23, 2009

This is where I went wrong.

There was no moon to help guide me on this scarcely used gravel road that led to god only knew where. Because the road dipped and rose and curved unpredictability, the headlights could only give me immediate information. I stopped the car and turned to look again to see if they were following. Nothing. I turned off the engine, opened the door and leaned out. Again, nothing.

My heart slowed a fraction as I walked around the car to try get my bearings. The darkness whispered fearful images of wild animals and crazy men with hooks for hands. I shivered and slowly walked up the rise I had just driven down, my feet crunching and sliding on the loose stones.

Still nothing. They must have missed me when I turned off the county highway. I sighed in relief as I walked back to the front of my car in search of a space where I could turn around. The trees grew thick and from their size, I judged them to be old and gave no room to maneuver an about-face. I got back in the car, started the engine and crept forward keeping any eye to the sides of the road.

After roughly 15 minutes of this, I was thinking of just putting the car into reverse and backing my way out to the highway. Then, through the trees to the left, I saw a dim bluish light. A house? I drove on until I saw an even narrower opening to the left and the light became brighter. I turned the car toward it.

The gravel road became a pitted dirt farm trail. I bounced and jolted my way towards the light. Suddenly the trees stopped and I pulled into a clearing. The light came not from a house, but an undulating cloud of something that floated above a small unkempt graveyard. I stopped and got out of my car.

This is where I went wrong.