Wednesday, September 30, 2009

That wooshing sound was my paycheck

Payday?  What payday?  It's gone.  Actually, totally, completely, GONE.


It's going to be challenging for awhile folks.  I've hit bottom and can't dig my way any deeper.  This of course puts me in a somewhat sour mood.  No Arizona Art Supply visit on Saturday for inks.


Bright side:  I have a job.  I live in a metropolitain area and am walking distance close to almost everything I need.  The public library around here is awsome.  Books and DVDs for free and since you have to turn them back in... no clutter!  Bonus!  We have a computer with internet connection.  I have paper and plenty of pens in many forms.  I have my imagination.  I have my dog and a very weird cat.  I have a husband and a daughter and we love each other - most of the time, anyway.

Groceries will be tough.  Pancakes will be a staple.  Ramen noodles.  But we need to lose weight, so this may be good.  Walking and cutting down on our calories.  I just bought a big bottle of multi-vitamins and our prescriptions were just refilled, so we can go for a while on those.

This is do-able!  I'm originally from Minnesota and I was raised in a farming background where you learned to "make do" and be tough.  I have one last item to put on a credit card and the rest will have to wait.  Our washing machine broke down yesterday and the repairman is coming on Friday.  I am a great believer in fixing things until they just can't be fixed anymore.

All right then.  I'm feeling better.  Thanks for listening while I worked through this.