Monday, September 21, 2009

Random Words #3

Prompt #413: random words and phrases (Courtesy of Easystreet Prompts)

hydrated . annuity . mythological multiplication . roadrunner . inconsiderate song . disorienting
estranged victim . fusion . deluded . lettered . beluga . impractical adoption

In an effort to stay hydrated in the dry air conditioned room, I sucked on the last few drops of bottled water. I was sitting in an uncomfortably hard chair waiting for my accountant to read the latest quarterly report on my annuity.

"I don't understand this," he said finally looking up at me, "this is nothing but mythological multiplication. A roadrunner in hell could do better."

Stunned, I stood up and walked to the window. The only sound came from the soft muzak system as it played an inconsiderate song. I hated the original and the muzak version only made it worse.

"Sidney, this is quite disorienting. I feel like an estranged victim," I said.

"I quite understand. This report is a fusion of deluded minds." He sat back in his leather chair and swiveled to see me better. "To think that this report, from a company that insists on hand lettered business cards and beluga caviar, can function with this impractical adoption of accounting is beyond me."