Monday, September 14, 2009

Office Haiku

Sit under false light
Pressing plastic keys quickly
Where is my tree now?

Walls of gentle fabric
Become a prison of sorts
My gatekeeper chimes

Emails bury me
Time savers suck up the time
Paradox sneezes

Note: Out of Office!
Taking a deep breath somewhere
Back when bills come due

Paper pushers unite!
Company has recycling
For employees as well

It’s all attitude
How you perceive changes
Company motto

Coffee pot contents
Become a source of control
Life should be better

Pen and inkwells gone
Typewriters are hard to find
Computers are here

Sunlight rests on desk
A bit of peace finds a home
Tepid coffee smiles

At last it’s payday
Rip open that envelope
It’s already gone