Sunday, June 1, 2008

Write about something to hold on to.

“Why do I only remember what your dad gave to me? I don’t remember what I ever gave him.” My mother and I sat in the living room two nights ago. We were discussing our marriages. I listed a few items that I could remember and that seemed to spark recall to further items. Later she pointed out that she seemed to remember the times Dad hurt her feelings and had to work hard at remembering the good times.

That is one thing I think evolution (or God) got wrong with mankind. We tend to the negative and hold on to it while the positive, good memories float away. The radio and TV news are dreadful. The newspapers and the tabloids have the depressing and shocking news first while the hopeful and the upbeat articles are buried inside or stuck in a small section that is mislaid or bypassed. Is it any wonder then that I’m experiencing my own mental tug-of-war? I start whining immediately about what my husband has done wrong, all the pain he causes. What about the good stuff?

Last night at the graduation party, he was a trooper. He helped me set up, ran quick errands, visited with all the guests, and even danced with me when I asked him to. He took my mother back to our house when she got tired and stayed late with me to clean up before heading back out to go to another party.

This is what I must hold on to.