Wednesday, June 11, 2008


I’ve heard it said that when you have a strong craving for a particular food, there is some nutritional element that you are not getting in your diet. If you analyze the food you crave, you can then identify and make up for the deficiency. For instance, when you crave peanut butter, you more than likely need the B and E vitamins it is rich in. Does this extend to other parts of ourselves?

I crave solitude. I crave quiet. I crave lots of trees and greenery. But I already know that I want out of the city and why I want it. I also crave old houses. Old abandoned houses that look lonely and sad. I want to touch their walls and gaze out of their windows. I want to climb their stairs and walk down the silent halls. I want to know their history – their story.

There is story everywhere you look. If you watch animals, you can see that they tell stories, too. A bird sitting on the edge of a full feeder will sing of its findings leading others to the food. Bees dance the story of where to find the pollen and nectar they turn to honey.

Story is a vital, nutritional element that we as humans need to maintain our humanity. Perhaps that is what I need in my diet right now. Story.