Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Write about circling the edge

Spinning, racing, whirling, spiraling out of control and feeling sick to my stomach. The world endlessly turns and gives me no rest, no stillness, no peace. Is it any wonder that I feel stressed and ill most of the time?

I need to stop. I need to stand still. I need to be quiet and listen. Listen to Cosmic Mother’s (God’s) message. She is trying to reach us all but we don’t stand in one spot long enough to receive it.

Could it be that we are afraid of that message? I am. I’m afraid that She wants me to do something that requires courage and faith and I’m a bit short of both these days. Yet, my spirit and my soul are tugging at my shirtsleeve telling me that I need to pay attention.

She wants to tell me to change. I’m being too selfish and headstrong.

“But Mother! I’ve given up so much for everyone else. I’ve given up my dignity, my sense of self, my security, and hell, even my future for others. When is it going to be MY turn?”

“Stop whining! It will be your turn soon enough. You think you know what you want. But it isn’t what you need. Be patient, child. Let Me do My work and soon you will have your rest.”

Rest. That is what my spirit and my soul are crying out for. Rest.