Saturday, May 10, 2008

A Replacement Is On The Way!

Stark Brothers Nursery is sending a replacement for the one fig tree that died. It is due on the 14th. Since it is too hot to plant it out in the yard, they advised putting it in a temporary pot. But where do I put the pot? My guess is where morning sun touches but is shaded from noon to sunset. Maybe I could put it by the front carport or by the mailbox since that faces north. Remembering to water it will be key.

If only other things were that easy. If only we had “do-overs” in real life, perhaps we wouldn’t mess up so much. However, in looking back over my life and dissecting the decisions I made, I didn’t do too badly. I have the world’s most wonderful daughter that wouldn’t have existed if I had said no to that marriage proposal, and my future ex-hubby is a great friend sometimes.

It doesn’t matter anyway. What matters is the present. The past is gone, the future is still to come, be present in the NOW. That’s great advice. It is incredibly hard to do but I’m working on it.