Friday, April 25, 2008


What a week it’s been. I dealt with overtime, a migraine, extreme fatigue, and family demands. Interspersed I’ve continued to deal with peri-menopausal symptoms that make it difficult to work. The night sweats and hot flashes I can deal with but the sudden racing heart, anxiety attacks, and the lightheaded/dizziness episodes tend to run me on the edge and I lose what little focus I have left.

Sunday begins the HRT (hormone replacement therapy) and I cannot wait. This next week starts an even busier time at work and I won’t have relief until next Sunday (May 4). I probably won’t be writing much until then.

Two of the three fig trees are leafing out. The third is probably dead. I don’t think that I’ll follow up on getting a replacement as it is getting in the 90’s here and will be too hot to plant. So, new name: The Sisters.

I’m listening to German heavy metal rock music. Rammstein and Eisbrecher mainly. It sounds pretty much the same – funny. They don’t sing very much but instead they deliver deep guttural poetry (very repetitive words) in a heavy grim mood. (Try and customize your own free radio station.)

I’ve also been reading more books on writing in order to try get myself back to the page. My “office” in the corner of the laundry room got a massive cleaning and re-organization to make it feel free and open instead of claustrophobic. When I went through old stories I found a gem entitled “Chapter 1” that I’m going to try work on and see where it goes. Sunday may be a good day to do that. Sunday morning when the house still sleeps.