Sunday, April 6, 2008

Daydreaming Again

I don’t know why, but daydreaming always makes me feel better. When under great stress or turmoil, I am unable to sit and access my dreams, but when everything settles down, I dream as much as I can.

My future ex-husband (who has been very attentive lately – hmmm...) said I should stay in the house after we divorce. Of course then he made the remark that he’d like to be able to continue to use the workshop. (No.) The house is falling apart due to lack of money to get someone to do the repairs. Yes we have a new roof on the main part of the house, but our patio roof is bowed and leaking and won’t last too many more monsoons. It needs painting inside and out and new floors. I can do curtains slowly via Walmart. And that's just the start.

Anyway, the thing is, I was sitting on the back patio catching my breath after mowing and weed-wacking the back yard and thought about all I’d do to the place if I had the money and a free independent hand in it. I’d put on new doors, put up a block wall all the way around the property (try burn that, arsonist), and I’d re-do the back patio into an indoor/outdoor room, etc. By the time the husband came out to check on things, I was feeling pretty darn good with a resolution to start buying lottery tickets because that was the only way any of this would ever be done.

The after glow continues this morning and I sit at my writing desk that sits in a corner of the laundry room and I dream on. Maybe I’d turn his dirty, dusty, unfinished workshop into a writing studio...