Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April Fool's!

Google, as usual, had a couple of funny ones today. On the iGoogle site it had a new feature you could use to back-time your emails. You can send emails with a time – say 6 hours ago – and even mark them as read or unread in the recipient’s inbox.

On the main Google site is “Virgle” pioneers. You can fill out a questionnaire to find out if you are eligible to join Virgin Airlines founder Richard Branson and the founders of Google on a 2014 trip to colonize Mars.

Too funny! And worse, no place to send feedback that you “got it!”

Ah, yes. It is good to laugh. I need laughter in my day or it becomes bleak and pointless. I’m lucky that ½ of my working day gives me that pleasure. Although lately it is evident that vacation time is coming and I can point out the people who had better take one! Sheesh!

Oh! My fig trees arrived at sunset. They are sitting in a bucket of water as I’ll be digging a hole tomorrow evening. Yay! And BONUS – they are far from perfect. Just what I was looking for.

By the way, I read on a professional blogger's site that Google's Blogspot - this vehicle that I use for my blog - is a ghetto blog site. Yeah, but the "rent" is right - free!