Sunday, March 30, 2008

My Personal Report on Earth Hour

What a pleasant hour this turned out to be. Candles were strategically placed (in the bathroom especially) and lit about 5 minutes before 8 p.m. local time. The gunfire and sirens that were battling just moments before paused in an uneasy peace and all you could hear outside was traffic from the freeway.

The husband was trying to read by candlelight and the daughter was out with a girlfriend. I used a flash light for the brief period of time that I felt like reading. The dogs lay in the grass, ears perked and noses twitching. I breathed in the darkness. It felt good.

The City of Phoenix was a participant as well but for safety’s sake they had to leave the street lights on so I wasn’t able to see a difference in the night sky. I was hoping to be able to see a few more stars as our light pollution blocks most of them.

As far as my neighborhood, we were the only house that observed the event. My neighbors to the west had all their lights blazing including their back yard flood lights. I guess it was their personal protest and general denial of the whole global warming issue. (Do the math, people.) However, about 8:30 p.m. they turned off the backyard floods and I was really able to enjoy the rest of Earth Hour.

As a side note: I have about 90% of our lights changed to CFS bulbs and my power bill dropped $20 a month after I switched over. That’s $240/year! I plan on getting the remaining 10% taken care of in the near future.

Thank you to all who participated in Earth Hour! Remember Earth Day is April 22nd.