Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Today’s prompt was “write about hair.” I immediately recalled a meeting I attended not too long ago. It's the same one that we’ve all sat in on. It’s the one that goes over the same old thing and the minutes I had to write were going to be more cut and paste from previous meetings than anything fresh and new.

My mind drifted. I slowly became aware that I was watching one of the men at the meeting. His back was to me and it was obvious that he was just as bored as I was because he was fidgeting. Being from middle-eastern descent, his head is crowned by a thick, shining, shag carpet of blue black hair. And he was twirling it around his finger like a bored little girl.

He must have felt my eyes on him because after a moment, he froze, jerked his hand down, and then continued to stare at the presentation we were supposed to be watching. I smiled and looked down at my notes. The meeting droned on.