Friday, March 7, 2008

Ach, I'm getting old...

Being the younger side of the Boomer generation, I’m dealing with old age problems for me and the old age of my mother. In the “old days” the family would be together, if not in the same house, at least in the same town. Today we have scattered. My brother is in Oklahoma, my sister in Texas, and here I am in Phoenix. My mother lives two hours away from me in a smaller Arizona town. I fear that phone call I’ll get one day.

And I am not alone. My friends have all the logistics and guilt of dealing with it all, too. I just got off the phone with a friend who is on temporary assignment in Washington DC. Her parents are both experiencing health issues and my friend feels frustrated, helpless, and guilty at not being here to assist them. Fortunately, my husband has a career that allows a very flexible schedule and is able to be the chauffer and local contact for them. What are friends for, anyway?

But it got my friend and me to musing what we will do when it is our turn. Since we are all on the other side of 50, it isn’t such an abstract idea as it was when we were all in our 30’s sipping beer together on hot summer nights. We started thinking of assisted living situations and before you knew it, we were “designing” a care center for our gang.

It wouldn’t work out, and we know it, but in that fleeting moment we held a bit of hope that the future may not be so scary when you face it with your friends.